Allyship 101

Discover what it takes to become an inclusive ally.

Discover clear-cut ways to be an inclusive ally in the workplace and in your everyday life. Whether you’re at the beginning of your inclusion journey, or looking for some inclusive tools to lead effectively, this module is a great place to start.

This module is a foundational course and a great opportunity for beginners to:

  • Learn foundational terminology and key concepts
  • Identify ways to be an effective ally
  • Unpack the cultural context for bias, stereotypes, and more
  • Practice building personal awareness of snap judgements and their impact
  • Concepts discussed in this course pairs well with all 101 course modules.

Allyship is a quintessential skill for modeling inclusive behavior and for anyone seeking to take on a leadership role. This module builds on foundational DEI concepts and focuses on discussing methods for making an impact. Our goal is to help you feel empowered to make situations more equitable and safe for those around you.

Your Instructor

Jillian Abel
Jillian Abel

As an agent of social change and member of the TMI team, Jillian, believes that the best way to prevent discrimination, violence, and oppresion is through education and dialogue. Jillian’s course will leave you feeling empowered as an inclusive ally and ready to make your world a more equitable place.

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